Printed Name Tags As A Marketing Tool

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, entrepreneurs are forever on the lookout for ways to market themselves better. It is this aggressive foresight that has led them to printed name badges. At its most basic form, a name tag is a sticker or badge that contains the name of the individual wearing it. Traditionally associated with schools, restaurants and hospitals, name tags are now making waves in the corporate sector. Any business that employs human labor and markets directly to people can benefit from the use of name tags.

Benefits of customized name tags

A customized name tag can be a conversation starter for employees. More often than not, the collective productivity of an enterprise is affected because the employees do not know one another. This is especially true in large firms, where employees have to remember the names of several people. Customers also feel more inclined to purchase a product or service when they know the name of the person selling it. In addition to the name of the individual, a printed name tag can be used to convey the sales message of the firm in an innovative manner. Bold and large fonts may be used to emphasize certain points on the name tag so that it garners the attention of the clients.

Another significant advantage of printed name tags is that they are extremely cost effective. Most of them are printed in paper and housed in a plastic case. As such, they can be reused over and over by printing a new name and switching it with the existing one. Due to the immense popularity of name tags among corporate enterprises, there are several name badge companies that cater exclusively to them. Usually, name tag manufacturers offer a variety of discounts for bulk purchases. Although plastic is the most common material used in the manufacture of name tags, gilt, nickel and aluminum name tags are also available.

These tags can be custom made in various shapes, sizes and colors. In this way, companies can have unique name badges without having to compromise on functionality. Additionally, such unique name tags can encourage professionalism among the employees of the company. Advertising plays a significant role in the success and downfall of a business. Those firms which have managed to advertise themselves effectively to the target market have, almost always, achieved significant success. This is one area where name badges play a small but significant role.

Name tags are also closely associated with fundraisers and charities. It can be used to identify participants and emphasize the theme of the fundraising event. Security is yet another aspect of name badges. Customized name tags enable a company to identify its employees. This makes it easier to prevent those without a name tag to enter the premises of the firm. In today’s digital world, most name tag manufacturers have an online presence. This makes it very easy to contact them and obtain quotes. As is the case with most things, comparing the quotes of multiple printed name badge makers is a good way to identify the cheapest one.

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