Find Cash Buyers in Your Market

I would like to introduce you to a new strategy when it comes to selling real estate. This strategy works well whether you are an agent or real estate investor, but works best when your wholesaling properties. If you invest in real estate today and more specifically, looking to unload properties quickly for a profit than you may want to consider this technique. This entire strategy is about finding high value cash buyers, targeting them, and attracting them to you and your business. The kind of cash buyer your looking for is an individual or company with a high liquidity and a real focus to buy houses at a discount. Typically these buyers will scoop up properties at 50 – 70 cents on the dollar. These are the type of houses that my company and I wholesale and rehab everyday.

Okay great, but how do I find these cash buyers? Well there are two ways, you can advertise for them or market to them directly. Advertising for these cash buyers would entail putting advertising campaigns out to various forms of media outlets. An example of this would be classified ads, newspapers, Craigslist, Pennysaver,etc. This type of media advertising can be very successful in building a buyer’s list for your real estate business.

Important Note: it is important to understand the value you bring to the market as a real estate investor or professional. Understand your value to these cash buyers because they should be your target market.

This leads me to my next point. Folks who invest in real estate usually go out and find great properties from motivated sellers. They go out and secure these deals at deep discounts but there is a problem with that, who are they selling these properties too? You get a fantastic deal and want to make some quick cash but can you can’t find anyone to flip it to. Or maybe your an agent who lists distressed properties but don’t have a group of folks lined up to buy those listings. This is why you should start doing things in reverse. Find out who the ‘high profile’ buyers are in your market. Remember, the ones with high liquidity? You need to find them, and market to them directly. You need to ascertain what types of properties they are looking for and then you need go out and secure those types of properties. You are essentially filling orders. This is the new way to wholesale or unload a property quickly. You locate a cash buyer, interview that buyer, pre-sell a house, and then that cash buyer purchases that house because it met his or her buying criteria. Cultivating these cash buyers in your real estate business should be high priority.

Our nation is a culture of buyers and there are plenty of people with plenty of money who want to get involved in the real estate game. They probably know that everything in America is on sale and they realize that real estate investing is something they should get involved in now. So, as a person who understands the value that they bring to the market this is an opportunity. An opportunity to position yourself as the company or individual that can help these folks get involved. These people that have cash and are ready to invest in real estate but they need someplace to go, why not you?

So you did some advertising and got some cash buyer leads. That’ great, its a good source of leads to build your buyer’s list with, but what about marketing to these cash buyers directly. The first step to do this would be to work with a local real estate agent (if your not one yourself) and ask them to pull all ‘cash closed transactions for the last 90 days”. That will give you all the deals that closed as a cash sale. The next thing would be to go down to your County Tax Assessor or the Assessor’s website, some may be more difficult to navigate then others. With the address of the closed property in hand you can do a search for the current owner and get that owners mailing address. This is the key, the mailing address. Now you can mail to these cash buyers, explain to them that you are the top real estate company in the area and that you are always getting in discounted real estate. You want to build rapport with these buyers, pre-qualify them, find out what they are buying and where they are buying. Then, go get them what they want to buy.

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