Effective Internet Marketing – Email Marketing Requires Strategic Attention

An email is such an important marketing tool. People are always looking into their email inbox, more than any site online. It is a psychological need to be communicated too, to keep in touch with friends or others as the main reason. This need is further evident by the rapid growth of social networks.

Communicating to your list is important but the way you communicate within your emails should be personal in the sense that your email is a one-on-one conversation. You are speaking to that receiver as though you are on the phone – without direct answers or input.

So what are you to place within your emails? It is important to note that every email is a sales tool but it does not contain blatant selling calls to action. Pound over the head of any person, email after email will never be effective. There are more subtle ways to work that in.

The structure of every email is informative. You are providing to your list information that will improve their situations. Quality content that educates them regarding your products/services/programs should be sent continuously. The timing for sales emails are intermixed, say every 4-6 emails, then you can be more upfront in asking for sales.

You still provide quality content but now you can structure the email to ask for their purchase. Describe within these emails the benefits of your offer. Be upfront and transparent; if it is a sales email, say so upfront and why.

Your remaining sequences should be informative or directing to your website for an interesting post or an article you wrote. Within these emails is the subtle suggestion for the sale; if you are sending them to your site or an article, these tools are specifically directing visitors to the sale. So by employing this in your emails, the email is not a sale-in-your-face email but does provide informative content.

Your email strategy will be determined by the segmentation activity you take. To have only one list, big or small, is not effective. People respond differently to emails and your list should be segmented to accommodate this emotion.

The more active ones on the list should be separated out from the less active. The emails that would be sent to these 2 separate lists are also different. To the less active, you can actually be more sales oriented; if they are less active or not at all, who cares if every email asks for a sale. They are more likely to unsubscribe anyway and never would be included in the bottom line.

The more active are becoming fans, supporters, buyers. This is where your money is and the type of person you are desiring to have on your list anyway. Treat them well for they will return the favor over and over.

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