Direct Mail for Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants know that they need to be on very busy corners in order to get the impulse eater to come in and buy a Sandwich, Hamburger, Chicken, Pizza, Taco or whatever. The spend lots of money on landscaping, lighting, signage, drive thrus and branding to insure traffic. Consider the amount of money a Fast Food Restaurant spends in promotion some time.

However, often they fail to realize that many locals do not bother to come in to eat. Why? Well, they have not invited them or provided the locals nearby the right incentive that’s all. A robust yet inexpensive marketing and advertising program might do the trick. Let me explain; you see, direct-mail and direct-mail marketing for fast food restaurants works.

By sending out direct-mail marketing coupon packages to all of the households within a 10-mile radius of a fast food restaurant will ensure good local traffic. These coupons should be sent out six times per year and each time with a new menu items and discounts.

Direct mail and direct-mail marketing has always worked good for fast food restaurants as it is a cheap and efficient way to advertise. Perhaps you will consider this is part of your marketing strategy in 2006.

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