Article Writing – An Affordable, Profitable Marketing Opportunity 99% of Companies Are Missing

For many of us, business is down. It’s become harder than ever to gain new customers and increase market share. Traditional media, while still viable, is expensive and the ROI is often tough to measure. As a result, companies are taking a long, hard look at alternative marketing vehicles that are much more cost effective and quantifiable.

That’s where the power of article writing comes in. Using articles as a marketing tool is win/win for everybody.

• Articles can get you out in front of your target audience, whether they’re local or global, almost instantaneously.

• Articles provide readers with sought-after knowledge about their specific areas of interest.

• Articles build your credibility as an expert in your field. People are much more likely to trust experts when shopping for products or services.

• Articles allow you total control over your content and message.

• Articles can be posted on various Internet directories that cater to specific markets -at no cost to you. These directories earn revenues from the ads posted on their web sites.

• Articles can also be used as “advertorials” on targeted web sites that deal with your area of expertise or niche market.

• Articles rank higher in Internet search engines than web sites.

• Articles can be used in vertical market publications that speak directly to your audience.

• Articles can serve as handouts at meetings, conventions and networking events.

• Articles can be part of a regular e-mail campaign to existing customers to further build credibility.

• Articles will direct people to your web site where they can request more information and connect directly with you. That personal interaction enables you become a trusted resource.

4 steps for creating the most effective articles.

If you want your articles to inspire people to action – and initially that may mean asking for more information – they need to do four key things.

#1 – Entice readers with an interesting or intriguing title.

First impressions are everything. Your article needs to capture your readers’ attention immediately so they’ll want to know. Be sure your title contains “keywords” relating to the subject of your article. That’s how the search engines will find it.

#2 – Provide timely, relevant information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Remember, you’re the specialist, but your readers may not be. So you need to present your subject matter at a level that everyone can understand. Use short paragraphs with short sentences. And if you have to use technical terms, explain them in plain English. Above all, keep things interesting. So people will keep reading.

#3 – Make it easy to get more information.

If people receive value from the information you provide, it’s likely that they’ll want more. They may even want to contact you personally. You can give them the opportunity to do so at the bottom of your article in an area called a Resource Box. It should provide a brief background with your credentials, as well as contact information including your phone number, e-mail address and a link to your web site or blog.

#4 – Offer an added incentive.

Once someone has contacted you, they’ve expressed an interest in learning more. Take advantage of that by sending another article, a free report, or an e-newsletter. If you’re in the service business, you may want to offer a one-time complimentary consultation. Ask people to register for these things on your web site or blog so that you’ll be able to stay in touch with them on a continuing basis. By doing so, you’ll be building relationships that will ultimately help build business.

The more articles the better.

You wouldn’t run an ad just once and expect it to produce huge sales or a wealth of new clients. The same holds true with articles. Growth comes from consistency and frequency. By posting new and relevant information to the Web and other forms of media on an ongoing basis, you’ll continually enhance your reputation as an expert in your field and people will start responding.

That being said, while you may be an authority in your particular area, writing may not be your specialty. Articles have a lot of moving parts, so to speak, and they all have to work together to deliver the best value. So give some serious consideration to hiring a professional marketing writer to assist you in delivering your message in the most effective way.

Why be one of the 99% who’s missing out on one of the most affordable and profitable marketing opportunities available, when you can be in the top 1% who’s taking advantage of it.

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