6 Essential Software Tools Every Internet Marketer Must Have!

Imagine you have access to every software tool you might need to get your internet marketing business started. We will show you six essential software programs that you must have. Best of all they’re free. These are not stripped down versions or limited time trials. These are full versions that are every bit as powerful and easy to use as the full retail programs you might be familiar with.

    Open Office (openoffice.org) – Even if you have MS Office(tm), you need to check this office suite out. Open Office meets your needs word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases. You can also create pdf documents on the fly. Gimp (gimp.org) – This program rivals Photoshop(tm). Now you can create and edit graphics with ease. If you are already familiar with Photoshop(tm), then check out Gimpshop (gimpshop.com). This gimp version really looks and feels just like Photoshop(tm). 3D Box Shot Maker (bosseye.com/boxshot/) – Did you every wonder how those sales pages made the wonderful looking product box pictures? Now you can do it too. This great little program combined with gimp is all you will need to start knocking out great product graphics. LS Screen Capture (linos-software.com/capture.html) – This program will let you capture whatever is on your screen. You can edit it in gimp for even better results. NVU (nvu.com) – This Web Authoring System is similar to Frontpage(tm) and Dreamweaver(tm). Anyone can create professional looking webpages quickly and easily without knowing HTML or other technical stuff. Audacity (audacity.sourceforge.net) – A great Audio Editor and Recorder. With this program you have everything you need to record and edit podcasts.

With these programs loaded onto your computer, you will have all of the tools to build a very profitable Internet Marketing business. You now have the professional tools to bootstrap yourself to success. Now go out and build a profitable business. Money is no longer holding you back.

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