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Marketing Strategies – Personal Engagement

Jun 05 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Yesterday, I was thinking about being a customer. That’s right, all day long everyone else is the customer/client but then suddenly I realized that I am a customer too and because of that I have an opinion on what the best marketing strategy has ever been for me (as a customer and as a marketer).

I won’t keep you waiting, the secret marketing strategy is Personal Engagement. Before you stop reading and move on, let me explain what I mean by personal engagement and why it’s so vital but yet rarely ever practiced.

What I mean by personal engagement is taking the time, as a company or corporation or service provider, or whatever your business is and making me (the customer) feel as if you care, are listening, and update me on what’s happening with my product/service/project, etc. And I don’t mean doing it generically with some “form letter” type of feedback. I mean – use the massive amount of social tools and modern-day Internet to reach out and speak to me directly. Yeah, direct contact with the customer.

Now, imagine how you feel when a company does this. Have you ever said, “wow, I can’t believe they actually talked to me…” or, “is this email really directly to me?”.

We have grown accustomed to being shoved off to the side and forgotten except for the occasional mention here or there or the “thank you for your business” style of commerce. Well, I say there is no excuse any longer to not engage directly. Too many customers? Hey, deal with it and engage with me anyway because I don’t care about your other 15,000 customers, I care about me.

I’m not being selfish – but I am saying to anyone out there that is providing a service or delivering a product that if you want to raise that barrier of competition to it’s highest level then start taking a more individual interest in your customers and talk to them directly. Don’t reach out to do a survey. Don’t reach out to cross-sell.

Here are some ways that would truly make you stand out and make me a customer for life (which is exactly what you should want):

* Follow me on twitter and mention me to others. Hey we all love to be mentioned!
* Comment on my Facebook page and let me know you took the time to even stop by
* Comment on my Blog
* Email me updates on my current project or service I have with you – talk to me directly
* Ask me for my opinion in a more direct and personal way – not with a survey
* Watch what I post and read and then send me a good book – surprise me
* If you are a service provider, educate me on a topic, offer to show me your place of business, call me up and ask me for advice on something

Those are just a few ways I would feel engaged. Yeah, I know they all sound “good” in writing but you are busy planning and growing and worrying about the economy, etc.

Well – think of it this way, while you are planning and growing and worrying, someone else is getting my business by using a bit of personal engagement. Not only that, they have gained a customer for life – and you can’t plan or grow with that model!

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Your Self-Directed IRA Checklist: Does Your Current Strategy Hit All the Points?

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When you plan a weekend getaway or a summer holiday, what’s one of the first things you do?

You create a checklist. On this checklist, you mark all of the necessary things you need to bring with you so that you don’t miss a beat while you’re away from home: clothes, food, medication, electronics, etc. Many Type-A personalities will fret and worry when they don’t have every item marked off the checklist and duly packed into the appropriate luggage.

If so many of us are organized and responsible enough to make a checklist to predict out future one week in advance, why don’t we also make a similar checklist when it comes to something as important to our retirement?

You’d be surprised how few people actually take even a few moments of their time to create a retirement or Self-Directed IRA checklist. Luckily, we’ve gone ahead and done some of the work for you by creating this IRA checklist. If you want to make sure you’re ready for your long-term retirement vacation, it will be worth it to examine this checklist thoroughly to see if you’re up to speed.

Item #1: Your Self-Directed IRA Goal

The first thing to do is to create a retirement goal, calculating an idea of the kind of money you should be expected to put aside each month. You should do this by starting with the end in mind: ask yourself how long you want to be retired, and what kind of monthly or annual income you’ll need in those retirement days.

Don’t worry; it’s not as difficult a process as it seems. The most important thing here is that you get a ballpark figure that will allow you to create short-term plans in terms of money set aside each month.

Item #2: Your Self-Directed IRA Strategy

Once you have a goal, the next item on the checklist is to ensure that you have a strategy for achieving that goal. What kind of return on investment will you need from your money every year in order to eventually generate the nest egg that you’ll need?

Most people simply put money aside in an IRA that’s devoted to stocks and mutual funds and hope that the market works out. But there are alternate strategies to consider as well, such as Self-Directed IRAs that can include real estate and precious metal investments to generate the ROI you need.

Item #3: Opening a Self-Directed IRA

Opening a Self-Directed IRA account is essential. Do you have an IRA now, or are you simply waiting until “the timing is right?” Well, don’t cross this item off your checklist until you’ve actually done it. And remember that there are many different types of IRA accounts, from Roth IRAs to Self-Directed IRAs. You should look into each of them if you want to get the most out of your retirement and truly take the reins of your financial future.

Item #4: Diversify Your Portfolio

Protecting your investments is just as important as making them-if they’re not protected, you won’t feel the security you deserve. Diversification is the most important way to protect your investments. We don’t mean invest in mutual funds; we mean make investments in all sorts of different types of investments, including stocks, mutual funds, index funds, precious metals, real estate, etc. The more diverse your portfolio is, the more resilient it will be to typical market forces. While other people fret over stock market drops, you smile knowing that Item #4 has already been checked off your list.

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How Print and Direct Mail Advertising For Online Businesses Are Effective Marketing Campaigns

Jun 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When most small internet businesses consider running an advertising campaign, they immediately jump to looking at online campaigns for their marketing needs. What these businesses don’t understand is that there are cheaper, more traditional forms of advertising that has been perfected for years before internet advertising even existed. Major internet companies realize the importance of these marketing mediums and utilize them to their fullest.

Print and Direct Mail Advertising

One of the most cost effective means of advertising is traditional print and direct mail marketing. There are a wide variety of specific ways that these campaigns can be conducted, but they generally involve the printing and distribution of some sort of page, flyer or booklet of information. Marketing firms exist that will conduct these complete campaigns for you from the printing through the distribution.

Traditional vs. Online Marketing

Most online marketing venues will offer your advertisement a very tiny window of opportunity to capture a user’s attention. Unfortunately, some products might require a little more explaining than the minimal amount of characters that online advertising like PPC offers. With traditional print advertising, your user has the opportunity to take a look at your advertisement in a more peaceful, slow paced environment. This will allow them to get to know more about your products and services, plus it will make them familiar with your brand name. This can be one of the most important things these days in marketing campaigns because these users will be repeat customers of yours for years to come and a real value cannot be put on their heads.

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How To Generate Traffic Through The Different Components Of Internet Marketing

Jun 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Internet marketing has got many components to it. To run a successful campaign online, you require a considerable amount of traffic directed to your offer/landing pages. To be able to generate this traffic, you have to understand how to make the different components of internet marketing work for you. My aim is to explore each one of the components and highlight ways in which they generate traffic back to you website. As you go through each of these components, remember that as much as they are broken down differently, they complement each other to make your campaigns successful.

For beginners it is important to note that you will be required to have a website. A website is equivalent to renting a space so that customers are able to come in to your shop and buy your goods or services. A website allows you to showcase your offer to the customers whenever they visit your website or landing page. If what you are offering is of value to them, they will come back again. When starting out, it is good to give away something for free, for example, a free report, e-book, training or even software in exchange for email addresses. You can then include them in a list of subscribers. With that said, we can start to explore the different components.

We will start with email marketing. When visitors come to your website and leave their email addresses, you should be able to store them in a database. This can be provided by various email service providers like GetResponse, AWeber or Sendlane. Once you have emails stored, you can further segment them into smaller groups according to how you choose to market different offers to them. You can then communicate with them through emails. Emails help you build better relationships with your customers. You can also direct them to your own offers or someone else’s offer as an affiliate. This email list is a very important asset in internet marketing and therefore you should really nurture your relationship with your list. Email marketing is also very effective because your subscribers are highly targeted and it is traffic that you can easily direct towards any offer you choose especially if they trust you.

Banner advertising is another component whereby you can get placement of advertisements on a website for a fee. Your banners will be displayed on websites that receive a lot of traffic and therefore this can direct some of that traffic to your site. Later on when you start to command a lot of traffic, you can also place other website banners on your site as an affiliate, you get a commission each time a visitor comes to your site and clicks on a banner and makes a purchase. You can compare banners to a newspaper or a magazine ad, the only difference is that they are offline strategies. Good banners should have good quality photo and a good copy for them to be effective. They also come in different sizes. Pay attention to those factors. Although when it comes to mobile, I do not think they are highly effective but it is worth researching. I might write an article on my findings in the near future.

Blog marketing is whereby you have a blog through which you share content on a particular niche. It is usually combined by networking in forums or Facebook groups with other experts in your niche. They all don’t have to be experts; most people join the groups to learn. You can then offer value through your comments, opinions on different topics and announcements that you may have. In these networking platforms, there is an option of having your details included on your signature. People are able to click on it and be directed straight to your website. So if you are offering real value that a lot of people resonate with, you will start directing traffic back to your blog. This will also increase your sales or leads.

Search engine marketing involves search engine optimization of your website to improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Bing or YouTube. SEO involves a lot of process that work together to improve the ranking of your website. For example, using focus keywords, adding tags on photos used, making your site mobile-friendly and many others. You can also pay for advertising on these search engines, to make it easier for the customers to find you. This will generate a lot of traffic back to your site. But you have to be able to set up your advertising campaigns well to be successful. You can also opt to list your website on web directories at a fee.

Social media marketing is also effective. You should have a presence on social media platforms to grow your fan base. You grow this fan base by sharing content that interests them. You can also redirect traffic back to your site by sharing posts. You can also opt to advertise on these sites and if you know how to prepare such ads, they can be very effective for very reasonable fees. You can start with one or two social media platforms, master them then move to others. I would recommend Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Article marketing is whereby you submit articles particular to your niche to syndicated sites like EzineArticles. The articles are then shared online. Since these sites command a lot of traffic, your articles will start driving traffic to your landing pages and thereby increase your leads and sales.

Press releases are another way to drive traffic to your site. There are websites that offer such services, for example, PRLog, or PressReleaser. If you want to increase eyeballs on your product offers or even drive traffic to a blog, they can help you prepare good copies that are newsworthy and share them out as press releases.

There you have it. You can work on each of these components to improve your campaign outcome. If you are starting from scratch, it will take some time before you can be able to get a large amount of traffic on average. Start working on your business today.

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