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How to Go About Direct Mail Marketing

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There are plenty of different ways to market your business and get your name out there to potential clients. It is a good idea to try more than one marketing technique so you don’t miss any of the people that may be interested in your business. There are also certain strategies with each marketing technique that you will want to pay attention to in order to get the most out of the money spent for it. Direct mail is one marketing strategy that some people seem to forget about but it can still be a very effective marketing tool for your business.

When sending direct mail, you will want to remember to still keep in mind the demographics and try to lean toward your target audience. Some people just by addresses and names when trying to send out direct mail marketing. While the shotgun approach may work for some businesses, it can prove to be a waste of money for others. It is worth it to get a detailed mailing list so you aren’t wasting your time and resources, or the people’s time.

Keep the content of the direct mail easy to understand and brief so you don’t lose potential clients attention while they’re reading it. You want them to know exactly what it is you are offering them and what makes you a better candidate for their business over competitors in the area. It is also a great idea to include a promotional coupon or some type of offer that may get them initially interested in your company. For example, 20% of first time customers may pull in some new customers for your business which is important.

Keeping all that in mind, you will want the appearance of the direct mail to be professional and appealing to recipients. You will want to have store locations, your business logo, hours of operation, and all the necessary information that customers will need. You will want to present this in an organized manor, your mail reflects your business and you want to be associated with it.

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Is There Money in Direct Sales?

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Direct sales are a great way to own a home based business and make extra income. The level of income you generate is highly dependent on the opportunities you choose and business structure.

Looking to start a home based business in the near future? With so many opportunities to choose from it is no wonder entrepreneurs either fall for quick money schemes or jump from one opportunity to the next. Those considering direct sales as a means to generate income or even those with hopes of creating wealth, should take careful consideration in finding opportunities that really work for the average home business newbie. A common misconception shared by most is the idea that hosting parties to neighbors, friends, and family will put significant dollars in their pocket. While some money can be made, the average home business owner in direct sales generates merely $125 a month. If this is your goal, choose from any of the direct sales businesses out there. If you desire to generate more than a mediocre income, put your business decision to the test by considering the following.

Will you be hosting parties? Typically in companies like Arbonne, Mary Kay, and Avon business owners start by hosting home parties. The objective is to eventually ask the party participants if they will host parties at their own homes, thus growing your network of sales and distribution through word of mouth. This approach leads to generating income in direct sales the slow way while running the risk of damaging relationships. Not everyone prefers to be sold to by their peers; some may even get offended just from being asked to attend a party. But there are success stories achieved by a small percentage, we’ve all seen the beautiful pink Cadillacs and white Mercedes. But do not be fooled into thinking that level of success is easily achieved. Those accomplished business owners have put in a lot of hard work through years of patience and diligence to become a top earner. Think twice if your business includes throwing a party at your home!

Who will you market to? While direct sales can work, people tend to look at it as an opportunity to generate income the fun way. Direct sales business owners are trained to market to people they enjoy associating with, mainly friends, family, and neighbors. Marketing is usually placed as the very last priority when it should be number one; and knowing who your target market is the key to success. Over the years there has been a shift in the direct sales business model from selling to recruiting. If the objective is to grow your business through word of mouth and add distributors within your network; it only makes sense to target other people who are like minded and not only believe in the product but also desire to start a business of their own.

Will you stock inventory? Most direct sales opportunities are based on the business owner purchasing products at wholesale prices and marking up for distribution. Some companies will buy back unsold inventory but at a discounted percentage of the purchase price. I suggest you avoid any business that requires a quota and inventory.

In the long run, entrepreneurs only achieve to the extent of where they aim. Therefore it is best that they aim at something high. Today the direct sales industry has embarked on a new, almost cosmic stage of existence on the internet. The message is clear: the internet age has become an accessible arena for internet newbie’s to generate significant incomes. Now you might say, “If that’s true, why don’t more individuals turn to the internet for direct sales opportunities?” The answer is quite simple. People methodically trust what seems familiar when looking to start a work from home business. Making party plans, prospecting relatives and neighbors, and receiving auto-shipped inventory all seem familiar; so naturally that is where people turn. Entrepreneurs tend to ‘graduate’ to direct sales online after failing in traditional opportunities. Business owners typically research Google to find ways to grow their failing business and come across content alluding to the benefits of online direct sales opportunities.

When choosing a home business opportunity, sometimes the mind isn’t used because we take it for granted. Studies have shown that most people operate on less than five percent of their brain capacity. Though we are blessed with unlimited powers of wisdom and discernment, we use only a fraction of it. Unlimited wealth lies all around us, but for numerous reasons, we don’t grasp our share. Choosing an opportunity in direct sales is a great decision, but it is only the first step. Selecting the right opportunity to suit your goals is the rest. Use your head and aim high!

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A Buyers Guide to Direct Marketing Services

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There is a tremendous growth and change occurring in the sphere of business marketing across the world today. This is largely due to the unprecedented pace of change in technology, entrepreneurial tactics and an open attitude towards new theories and concepts in marketing itself.

Direct Marketing is a subsection of marketing that focuses on planned recording, analysis and tracking of individual customers’ responses and transactions for the purpose of developing and prolonging mutually profitable customer relationships. Direct marketing can be aimed either at the individual consumer or on a business-to-business (B2B) level. This form of marketing attempts to send messages directly to the intended client by means of addressable media such as mail and email. In this way direct marketing differs from regular advertising in that it does not place its messages in the public market such as radio, billboards and magazines etc.

A distinction has to be drawn between direct marketing and what is known as junk mail or spam. Whilst direct marketing is very often criticised for generating unwanted solicitations, spam and bulk mail drops are not true forms of direct marketing as recipients are not identified as prospects by any form of selective criteria. Direct marketing on the other hand is a form of advertising based on a very selective process by which potential clients are screened according to certain levels of eligibility in accordance with the product being promoted. Direct marketing makes use of addressable as well as non-addressable media. Addressable media entails such forms as email, telemarketing and short message service (SMS) on mobile phones, although face-to-face contact is not considered a form of addressable media. Non-addressable media takes the form of mail outs and flyers, where no immediate user input is required. The important thing is that both these forms of direct marketing seek a response, and it is this which the marketer bases their future actions, or contact strategy on.

Some of the advantages of direct marketing are listed below:

Specific targeting

Clearly, the most important aspect of direct mail is that it can be targeted ‘exactly’ at the specific, individual, customer.


Direct mail can address the customer personally. If the full benefits of precision marketing are exploited, it can be directly tailored to his or her needs (interactively based upon prior experience, as recorded on the database).


Because of its direct response nature, the marketing campaign can be tested and varied to obtain the optimal results.


Responses can be added to the database, allowing future mailings to be even better targeted.


A direct mail campaign can be mounted quickly on a wide variety of topics within an overall promotional campaign.

When searching for potential services to assist you in your campaign of direct marketing, there are various aspects which need to be taken into consideration in order to gain the most out of your promotion.

At the core of any direct marketing campaign is the customer database. Most direct marketing services will offer recourse to their databases. For this reason it is necessary to choose the marketing service that will be able most accurately cater to your specific needs. Different service providers specialise in different market areas, for instance consumer marketing, or B2B marketing, as well as group variables, such as income, age, and lifestyle. The solution to this target audience will most likely come from your own database of customers or prospects. On the other hand, being selective by choosing only those who will be susceptible to the mailing saves on cost and also protects the investment in the database, by not exposing recipients to volumes of unwanted and irrelevant mail.

The most important question to ask when investing in an external list is how accurate it actually is. The source of many lists may be suspect as they are frequently derived from subscribers to magazines or respondents to free offers. This audience may not be the ideal prospects to your campaign, but then again this may be the only way in which you can reach your target market. Lists may also be out of date, for instance 12 per cent of the UK population changes address every year, which means they may need ‘cleaning’ (for example, to remove duplicate entries or to update contacts within organisations). Usually the only adequate way of finding out how useful a list really is, is to run a test mailing, even though it might represent an investment of time and money.

As mentioned above, the most productive mailing list is one that you have compiled yourself. Unfortunately, these lists are often the most neglected. For most direct marketing companies, such lists are their single most precious asset. Even in organisations with more general fields of operation, the data obtained as a result of those operations (enquiries, face-to-face selling, exhibitions, direct mail, etc.) should all be regarded as highly valuable. Data should be consolidated and protected so that they are usable, and useful, as a direct input to all marketing activities – especially for precision marketing.

When approaching prospective direct marketing companies, it is good to know what kind of products and services to expect, and how these can help you in your campaign. Generally speaking, marketing companies should be able to offer access to a specified name database, made up of prospective clients as set out by your needs. You have to consider that different companies have varying databases that cater for differing needs. It is thus up to you to find the one most suited to your requirements. Furthermore, direct marketing companies should offer services such as:

- Databases specified to cover various forms of media, i.e. mailing data, telemarketing and email data.

- Segmentation of data into areas such as job title, geographical location and industry classification.

- Data cleansing and verification services

- Data enhancement as well as analytic and strategic consulting.

Some emerging channels which hold interesting possibilities in the future include:

Digital Cable:

Cable television has never enabled highly targeted direct marketing to become successful. Digital cable is seen as the solution that will make the delivery of personalised marketing content via television possible.


To date, the majority of wireless marketing was constrained to text based SMS services, but with the advent of 3G, the promise of delivering richer content has gained more interest from marketers.


Banner advertisements are often considered indirect advertising, but in many cases, companies like Google and Yahoo serve advertisements on their websites for their own purposes.

Political campaigns:

Recently, political campaigns have begun to appropriate the methods of direct marketers (or to employ direct marketing companies) to raise money and create activism.

Once you have acquired all the relevant data regarding your target audience, factors such as the channels you choose and the timing of the delivery (e.g. time of year or even day of the week) can play a major role in the effectiveness of your campaign. The correct marketing service will be well equipped to assist you through all these areas.

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6 Essential Software Tools Every Internet Marketer Must Have!

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Imagine you have access to every software tool you might need to get your internet marketing business started. We will show you six essential software programs that you must have. Best of all they’re free. These are not stripped down versions or limited time trials. These are full versions that are every bit as powerful and easy to use as the full retail programs you might be familiar with.

    Open Office ( – Even if you have MS Office(tm), you need to check this office suite out. Open Office meets your needs word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases. You can also create pdf documents on the fly. Gimp ( – This program rivals Photoshop(tm). Now you can create and edit graphics with ease. If you are already familiar with Photoshop(tm), then check out Gimpshop ( This gimp version really looks and feels just like Photoshop(tm). 3D Box Shot Maker ( – Did you every wonder how those sales pages made the wonderful looking product box pictures? Now you can do it too. This great little program combined with gimp is all you will need to start knocking out great product graphics. LS Screen Capture ( – This program will let you capture whatever is on your screen. You can edit it in gimp for even better results. NVU ( – This Web Authoring System is similar to Frontpage(tm) and Dreamweaver(tm). Anyone can create professional looking webpages quickly and easily without knowing HTML or other technical stuff. Audacity ( – A great Audio Editor and Recorder. With this program you have everything you need to record and edit podcasts.

With these programs loaded onto your computer, you will have all of the tools to build a very profitable Internet Marketing business. You now have the professional tools to bootstrap yourself to success. Now go out and build a profitable business. Money is no longer holding you back.

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2 Ways To Market Your Small Business For Cheap

May 23 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

What are you doing to market your business in today’s economy? Are you running any ads? Doing any direct mail? Running any postcards? Attracting more referrals? What is it that you’re doing to market your business in this new economy that we find ourselves in today?

Well luckily, not all marketing is dead. There are still a few techniques that will help to bring in new customers for you on a daily basis. What are those techniques? Well I’m glad you asked. In fact, lets take a look at the techniques that you could be using to boost your sales and profits today.

1) Brochures

Brochures are a great way to demonstrate your product in action. With a brochure, you can display your products in full color, and really make them come to life. You should advertise your brochure to your customer list. These are the people who will more than likely buy from you again and again, and will get them interested in the next products that you come up with.

Inside of your brochure, make sure you give them a 1-800 number to call along with a website that they can visit. If you’re confused about how to create a brochure, do a search online or visit your local Kinkos for some advice. Here’s another marketing technique that you can use to boost your sales and profits today.

2) Vehicle signs

I once saw a guy on this late night talk show, and he was being paid by major corporations to advertise their business on this guy’s body. Not only did I find this absurd, but the guy had absolutely no problem with doing this for the company he was promoting.

I mention this because just like the guy can run an ad for another company on his body, you can advertise YOUR OWN business on your vehicle. Now I’ll be honest with you. This can be a weird proposition to follow if you only have 1 vehicle at your home. However if you have a vehicle to spare, I would put the ads on this vehicle.

Vehicle ads should follow the rules of direct response marketing. Make sure you have a good headline, a one-liner USP, and your contact information. You basically want to design your ad to catch the attention of people who are driving by, or by those that you past when driving your vehicle.

Both of these techniques can help to bring in new sales for you – you just have to be on your marketing grind and test to see what works for you, and what doesn’t. Like I said if you have multiple cars, then you should consider testing out the vehicle ad on this car. But if you only have 1 car, then I would proceed with caution.

Hopefully you will use these tips to have the kind of success that you dream of. These techniques work and I hope that you will put them into use so that you can see that they work also.

Good luck with making these tips to market your products and services.

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Direct Marketing – Powerful Communication

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Recently, Direct Marketing News published a persuasive article on how compelling a personalized letter can be.

Within direct marketing various channels of communication are used. You can send a letter, postcard, E-mail, use television or radio ads, billboards, Internet banner ads and the list goes on. But nothing says personal like a hand written letter from one person to another hands down.

This particular Direct Marketing News article cited former President Bill Clinton as an example. President Clinton wrote a letter to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-II offering condolences for the loss of his father. At the time, President Clinton was requesting the release of two captive American journalists.

Although a prompt E-mail could have been sent, this request was not sent via E-mail, Tweet or a Facebook private message. It was an old-fashioned letter on paper – with the specific intent of reaching out to Kim, making a connection and then asking him to respond through action – on paper.

Just like you would do with a close friend, these two leaders connected through pen and paper – emotions communicated through the written word. When you are trying to make a connection with a potential client, you personalize it.

Finding the lesson here is easy; for direct marketers when you have a relevant message for consumers, consider using direct mail. If you take the time to create something that is going to get noticed and make sure it gets into the right hands, it may not create an international news event but it may produce the results you are looking for.

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Why Choose Email Marketing Over Direct Marketing?

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Email marketing and direct mail marketing are forever compared, and the comparisons lie not just in costs and pricing, but also in immediacy and faster results. Digital marketers, of course, will provide their own biased opinion. They would argue that with everyone sitting on front of their computers today, the idea of continuing to use paper seems not only unwise, but also not ecologically sound at all.

The debate heats up with the addition of Web-based tools even for traditional mail marketing, including geocoding services that append latitude and longitude information at the property-level match for virtually any address it successfully standardizes. Apart from its ability to geocode address information, geocoding services in the United States can also perform reverse geocoding for heightened efficiency.

But the question remains: which is more preferable between email marketing and direct marketing?

There are stark differences, for one, in the costs of advertising. Print marketing will spend staggering amounts on printing/binding/addressing, mailing, artwork or production, and digital proofing. Email marketers, on the other hand, spend minimally on production and mailing, and virtually nothing on digital proofing and printing/binding/addressing.

Email marketers argue as well that email is a speedy medium, unlike direct mail that can take weeks for tasks from reparation of artwork to reaching a specific household. This speed can very well be capitalized on for news, events, weather stuff, and other time-sensitive categories.

Email allows what marketers call A/B testing, which is the sending of 2 or more versions of the email piece to compare headlines and try out different special deals and promos. The answers are fast, unlike direct marketing that has a rather lengthy turnaround time. Added value in exchange of more information is instant in email as well, where you can send a white paper or special report – absolutely free – after someone fills out a survey or form. The target individuals will be more willing to fill your form out, especially with the knowledge of getting something in return instantly. Email marketers argue that instant gratification cannot be provided by a printed marketing piece.

Whatever marketing mode you think is most appropriate for your business, it is always important to step up in the game and not hesitate to use tools to enhance your leads and information at hand. As mentioned above, geocoding services increases efficiency in shipping, tracking, and mailing, and improves target marketing.

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Printed Name Tags As A Marketing Tool

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, entrepreneurs are forever on the lookout for ways to market themselves better. It is this aggressive foresight that has led them to printed name badges. At its most basic form, a name tag is a sticker or badge that contains the name of the individual wearing it. Traditionally associated with schools, restaurants and hospitals, name tags are now making waves in the corporate sector. Any business that employs human labor and markets directly to people can benefit from the use of name tags.

Benefits of customized name tags

A customized name tag can be a conversation starter for employees. More often than not, the collective productivity of an enterprise is affected because the employees do not know one another. This is especially true in large firms, where employees have to remember the names of several people. Customers also feel more inclined to purchase a product or service when they know the name of the person selling it. In addition to the name of the individual, a printed name tag can be used to convey the sales message of the firm in an innovative manner. Bold and large fonts may be used to emphasize certain points on the name tag so that it garners the attention of the clients.

Another significant advantage of printed name tags is that they are extremely cost effective. Most of them are printed in paper and housed in a plastic case. As such, they can be reused over and over by printing a new name and switching it with the existing one. Due to the immense popularity of name tags among corporate enterprises, there are several name badge companies that cater exclusively to them. Usually, name tag manufacturers offer a variety of discounts for bulk purchases. Although plastic is the most common material used in the manufacture of name tags, gilt, nickel and aluminum name tags are also available.

These tags can be custom made in various shapes, sizes and colors. In this way, companies can have unique name badges without having to compromise on functionality. Additionally, such unique name tags can encourage professionalism among the employees of the company. Advertising plays a significant role in the success and downfall of a business. Those firms which have managed to advertise themselves effectively to the target market have, almost always, achieved significant success. This is one area where name badges play a small but significant role.

Name tags are also closely associated with fundraisers and charities. It can be used to identify participants and emphasize the theme of the fundraising event. Security is yet another aspect of name badges. Customized name tags enable a company to identify its employees. This makes it easier to prevent those without a name tag to enter the premises of the firm. In today’s digital world, most name tag manufacturers have an online presence. This makes it very easy to contact them and obtain quotes. As is the case with most things, comparing the quotes of multiple printed name badge makers is a good way to identify the cheapest one.

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What IS the Difference Between Marketing and Sales?

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There seems to be a never ending argument among marketing and
sales professionals as to what really is the difference between
marketing and sales functions. More often than not, both
business activity terms are used to describe any business
activity that is involved in increasing revenues. For small
businesses, with limited resources, there often is no practical
difference in marketing and sales functions, all revenue
generating activities are typically implemented by the same

As a company grows in revenues and number of personnel, it
typically follows a logical business function progression of
“specialization”, a process where the lines between more
generic, departmental descriptions and functions became much
more definitive and associated functional responsibilities
become much more focused. Marketing and sales functions are no

Marketing and sales functions are diverse yet very
interdependent. Typically “sales” cannot exceed revenue
objectives without an effective marketing planning and support,
and “marketing” directives ultimately becomes useless without
sales to implement the plan.

Like many complex business issues, it is sometimes easier to
define something by what it’s NOT as it is to define it by what
it is. Let’s take a closer look at marketing to better define
what sales is not.

Simply defining “marketing” as the “Four P’s”, product, price,
place and promotion, based on your Marketing 101 class in
college is not practical in today’s global markets. In a
general sense, marketing is more theoretic than sales, focused
on purchase causality and is more prescriptive in purpose than
descriptive. Marketing involves micro and macro market analysis
focused on strategic intentions where sales is driven more by
tactical challenges and customer relations. Let’s take a closer
look at how marketing is truly different from sales:

Marketing responsibilities are distinct from sales in that

* Establishes and justifies the company’s best competitive
position within a market

* Initially creates, helps sustain, and rigorously interprets
customer relationships

* Locates and profiles potential markets and key participants

* Generates quality sales leads

* Develops effective selling tools

* Formally analyzes and tracks competitor’s business strategies
and tactics

* Defines, prioritizes and justifies new product or service
improvements and developments

* Promotes an explicit company product or service image

* Facilitates information transfer from customers to the rest of
the company

* Simplifies the customer’s product or service procurement

A full time Marketing Manager would be responsible for the
following tasks:

New Product Rollouts:

Strategy development, program incentives, timing and media

Agency Evaluation:

Selection and evaluation of outside marketing contractors

Customer Database Management:

Software selection, training, maintenance of customer contact

Market Research:

Market definition, prioritization, project management, data

Pricing Analysis:

Pricing as a marketing tool…initiate and analyze competitor’s
pricing practices

Product Audits:

Establishment of a formal means to evaluate competitive

Public Relations:

Establishment, guidance and coordination of all areas of public

Trade Shows:

Definition, participation, prioritization and audit for
effectiveness of all trade shows

Product Promotions:

Strategy formulation, program composition, premium definition,
all media coverage

Marketing Communications:

All printed / electronic communication: brochures, catalogs,
price lists, case histories

Media Selection:

Assist in selection and prioritization of all media options:
print, broadcast, multimedia

Internal Communications:

Establish and maintain all inter-company corporate communication

International Marketing:

Establish company presence in targeted international markets,
audit for effectiveness

Strategic Planning:

Offer strategic information and alternative insights to
corporate management strategies

Board Meeting Participation:

Communicate and reinforce the company marketing priorities,
strategies and tactics

Corporate Vision Statement:

Proliferate and reinforce the corporate vision throughout the

Corporate Identity and Image:

Create, maintain, improve and “manage” all corporate images and

To a “pure” marketer, the marketing role in a company is not
just a business function, but a business philosophy. An
effective marketer truly believes “dominating” their target
market is “owning” their market. The more a marketer can do to
maintain market leadership the more effective they are
perceived within the organization and within the industry.

As customer retention has become more of a business priority in
our intensifying competitive markets, the marketing function
has evolved from influencing potential customers to involving
them the company’s business planning and advancement. Effective
marketing also has blurred the distinction between product and
service and continues to apply more influence on the company’s
sales representation priorities.

In conclusion, marketing and sales functions are deeply rooted
in each other’s purpose and revenue growth intentions. There
are few functional areas in business that relate more to each
other. So the next time you hear someone say the word “sales”,
when the appropriate description would have been “marketing”,
or vise versa, think of this article and choose from any one of
these documented business functions to make your point of

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Increase Qualified Traffic and Sales With Article Marketing

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The article marketing process is quite simple. You write articles and submit them to article directories where they are read by a broad variety of readers. The links from your author resource box drive traffic to your website.

Article Marketing Breakdown

E-zines, newsletters and content sites help build your online exposure. They create backlinks that increase your link popularity and page rank. Backlinks generated per article often number in the hundreds.

Articles ensure the traffic directed to your website is qualified and highly targeted. Readers who click the link in your author resource box are already in the first stages of making a purchase. Be the expert they’re in search of and share valuable information about the product they’re currently researching.

Article marketing experts recommend publishing 3 to 5 articles per week on a variety of topics related to your website. Within three months your marketing campaign will create thousands of links back to your business. Qualified and highly targeted links created through article marketing direct interested parties to your business.

Speak Directly to Your Target Market

Articles must be precise and to the point. The voice of each article will vary but the facts must always be present and easy to read. Each reader needs to feel like you’re talking directly to them.

Your target audience is already looking for information about your products. Provide them with the information they seek. Speak directly to them and reassure them that the product you promote is the one they need.

Don’t turn your articles into sales pitches. One of the most common misconceptions is that an article marketer sells with the use of articles. Most article directories do not allow direct selling via articles.

The purpose of an article marketing campaign is to raise page rank and SERP while informing consumers. Sales pitches are specifically declined by 95 percent of article publishers. They want information and content, not sales letters.

Your sales information is best left for the website itself. Share valuable information with your readers and then let them decide if they want to click to visit your website. The process is best known as pre-selling, not selling.

Generate Thousands of Backlinks

Article distribution companies work in conjunction with thousands of article publishers. Publishers themselves simply provide a place for articles about certain topics to be published. The distribution company’s role is to ensure each article meets the requirements set forth by each individual publisher.

Choosy publishers will not publish your article if it reads like SPAM. Your marketing articles serve as quality content for their e-zine. They don’t want sales pitches and irrelevant information that doesn’t attract visitors.

If publishers choose not to publish your article, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. Each article that doesn’t get published is one backlink that you don’t receive. Wasted effort is wasted time.

Work Smart

Make sure each article you submit to publishers gets published. Don’t cheat yourself out of valuable backlinks just for a few sales pitches here or there. Sales pitches do not reach out to your customers.

People rarely buy products from land sharks. Don’t be pushy. Use the article marketing opportunity as a way to connect with the reader and share the information they need to make a purchase.

After an article is published, your work with it is complete. Search engines index it and direct readers to it based on keywords. The content of the article then takes over the job of referring people to your website.

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