2 Ways To Market Your Small Business For Cheap

What are you doing to market your business in today’s economy? Are you running any ads? Doing any direct mail? Running any postcards? Attracting more referrals? What is it that you’re doing to market your business in this new economy that we find ourselves in today?

Well luckily, not all marketing is dead. There are still a few techniques that will help to bring in new customers for you on a daily basis. What are those techniques? Well I’m glad you asked. In fact, lets take a look at the techniques that you could be using to boost your sales and profits today.

1) Brochures

Brochures are a great way to demonstrate your product in action. With a brochure, you can display your products in full color, and really make them come to life. You should advertise your brochure to your customer list. These are the people who will more than likely buy from you again and again, and will get them interested in the next products that you come up with.

Inside of your brochure, make sure you give them a 1-800 number to call along with a website that they can visit. If you’re confused about how to create a brochure, do a search online or visit your local Kinkos for some advice. Here’s another marketing technique that you can use to boost your sales and profits today.

2) Vehicle signs

I once saw a guy on this late night talk show, and he was being paid by major corporations to advertise their business on this guy’s body. Not only did I find this absurd, but the guy had absolutely no problem with doing this for the company he was promoting.

I mention this because just like the guy can run an ad for another company on his body, you can advertise YOUR OWN business on your vehicle. Now I’ll be honest with you. This can be a weird proposition to follow if you only have 1 vehicle at your home. However if you have a vehicle to spare, I would put the ads on this vehicle.

Vehicle ads should follow the rules of direct response marketing. Make sure you have a good headline, a one-liner USP, and your contact information. You basically want to design your ad to catch the attention of people who are driving by, or by those that you past when driving your vehicle.

Both of these techniques can help to bring in new sales for you – you just have to be on your marketing grind and test to see what works for you, and what doesn’t. Like I said if you have multiple cars, then you should consider testing out the vehicle ad on this car. But if you only have 1 car, then I would proceed with caution.

Hopefully you will use these tips to have the kind of success that you dream of. These techniques work and I hope that you will put them into use so that you can see that they work also.

Good luck with making these tips to market your products and services.

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